Common spraying problems of automatic spraying equipment

With the call to build green factories, more and more industrial robots are added to the production line. Automatic spraying equipment is a common industrial robot in the manufacturing industry. With the increasing use of spraying equipment, spraying problems continue to appear. Common spraying problems and solutions for automatic spraying equipment: ① What should I do if the product pellets after spraying by the spraying robot? In this case, impurities are mixed in the spray paint. Change a different type of paint before cleaning the spray gun. The nozzle pressure is too high, the caliber is too small, and the distance from the object surface is too far. The paint has been left for too long after adding the thinner. Not sufficiently stirred and allowed to stand. Solution: Keep the construction site clean. Different types of paint cannot be mixed. Choose proper caliber, spraying distance should not exceed 25mm, storage time should not be too long, and dilution should not be too much. Stir well and let stand. ②. What’s wrong with the partial loss of gloss of the product after spraying by the spraying robot? This is due to insufficient dilution of the sprayed paint, which dries too fast and the paint film is too thick. Use unsuitable thinner. The base surface is rough and uneven. The temperature of the construction environment is too low and the humidity is too high. Solution: According to the correct ratio, master the thickness of the paint film. Increase the dilution ratio in summer. Smooth the base surface and polish the primer. Ensure that the temperature and humidity of the construction site meet the requirements. ③. What is the reason for the product bubbles after spraying by the spraying robot? The surface water content is high and the temperature is high. The air compressor or pipeline has moisture. The putty seals poorly on the material surface. After adding the curing agent, the standing time is too short. Solution: The surface is dry, do not expose to the sun. Use oil-water separator to separate. Choose good quality putty. Leave it for 10-20 minutes, spray it twice, and recoat after the surface is dry. The common spraying problems and solutions of automatic spraying equipment are briefly introduced here. If the spraying equipment has the above problems, you can deal with the related spraying quality problems according to the above solutions. If the problem cannot be solved in time, you can also consult the spraying equipment supplier for the most effective solution.

Post time: Dec-17-2021