FAQ of powder coating processing

Why the powder coating effect not good

First check the powder impurity problem, check and clean the drying oven inside wall and ceiling, especial the gap between overhead conveyor chain wheel and air pipe. Checking if the air pipe filter broken .or not.

Why the powder coating color is not uniform or different?

1 The powder intersperse is not uniform, checking the powder quality, and keep same positive and negative of the L,a,b.

2 Adjustable the drying oven to the most suitable temperature.

3 Check and adjust the powder coating processing data to keep a uniform thickness.

How to use the Electrostatic powder spray gun?

1. Check all the cable connection first.

2. Switch ON the spray gun, with Green lighting on.

3.Adjust the power voltage to 60KV-80KV.(Make sure connect with powder tank)

4.Press spray gun switch again, there is powder spraying out to start powder coating work.