Automatic spraying equipment maintenance

As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, we provide you with first-class airless spray equipment, but are you aware that using the right tools to maintain your equipment can greatly extend the service life and efficiency of the equipment? Today’s content will introduce how to maintain the airless sprayer and how to choose the right maintenance tools.

1. After each shutdown, it is necessary to scrub the paint stains attached to the inner wall of the spraying space of the spraying equipment and the paint stains attached to the cylinder and hoses to prevent the hoses from hardening, and to clean all parts of the machine at the same time.
2. Every day, the entire machine platform must be cleaned and organized, especially the spray booth.
3. Check the contamination status and amount of oil in the motor and turbine box once a week, and add or replace the oil if necessary.
4. Check the sprocket and chain smoothness of the spraying equipment and whether the chain can be tensioned once a week. If there is slack, adjust the tension wheel to tighten the chain.
5. Regularly replace the cleaning solvent in the brush box of the sprayer.
6. Regularly or frequently clean up the paint stains remaining on the paint spraying equipment belt.
7. Regularly or frequently check the hose and its connecting parts for leakage.
8. The spray gun should be kept clean frequently and cleaned carefully.
9. Do not use the important parts of the spray gun randomly, and maintain the nozzle.

Post time: Mar-08-2021