Glass bottle inner coating machine provides faster and more efficient solution for glass bottle manufacturers

Constructed from high-quality steel and painted with a durable green finish, our interior painters are built to withstand heavy use and ensure long-lasting performance. Weighing 280kg, it is sturdy and portable, allowing for flexible placement in your manufacturing facility.

Our inner coating machine is equipped with self-rotating spraying technology, which ensures uniform and precise coating on the inner surface of glass bottles. This ensures a perfect finish without the need for manual touch-ups, saving you time and resources.

Controlling the machine is very simple. It can be operated manually by a switch or automatically by a PLC system, providing flexibility and convenience according to your specific production needs.

In order to meet the needs of global bottle manufacturers, our minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, and our monthly supply capacity is up to 10,000 pieces. Our efficient supply chain and strategic location in Shenzhen, China enable timely delivery to any destination.

We take pride in our after-sales service, our team of experienced engineers can even provide mechanical support and assistance overseas. Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the purchase, ensuring you can rely on our interior paint machines for years to come.

As an established manufacturer from Guangdong, China, we adhere to strict quality standards and take pride in providing high-performance, durable products. Our Internal Coater is no exception as it is manufactured to comply with industry standards and regulations.

All in all, our inner coating machines offer an excellent solution for glass bottle coating. With advanced features, sleek design and outstanding customer support, it’s the perfect addition to any manufacturing facility.

Post time: Aug-21-2023