How does the automatic spraying machine avoid roll printing?

During the painting process of the automatic paint spraying machine, due to problems such as painting, mechanical debugging, operators and the board itself, there will be lines on the surface of the board after roller coating, which is a bad phenomenon in painting. How to avoid roll printing with automatic paint spraying machine? How to solve it if there is roll printing?
Board aspect

  The surface of the sheet with curl marks is relatively smooth. Therefore, after the wood products are frosted and putty processed, the curl marks can basically be avoided. However, for decorative materials such as glass, the surface is very smooth, which is unavoidable in terms of material selection, so it needs to be changed from other aspects.

  Machinery and personnel operation

   mainly emphasizes the experience, you can adjust the distance between the roller and the roller, and the distance between the roller and the conveyor belt; adjust the speed of different roller groups and conveyor belt; the roller should be kept clean, pay attention to routine matters, and should be controlled by mechanical adjustment. The operators are required to have rich experience and master the skills of training and proofing. Using the counter on the roller coating machine and the memory function of the control panel, experienced operators can accurately grasp a number of data, which is also an effective method for automatic spraying machines to avoid rolling.

  3, spray paint

  The spray painting part is a very important but also easily overlooked link. When mixing paint, especially when applying UV paint on rollers, because the viscosity of the paint is greatly affected by the ambient temperature, the working environment temperature of the coating production line cannot be adjusted directly by using an automatic paint sprayer with a water circulation heating system. , Keep the paint at the easy-to-coat temperature, the paint flows evenly on the roller, it is easy to adhere when applied to the surface of the sheet, and the roller marks are not easy to accumulate on the surface of the coating film due to the viscosity of the paint.

Post time: Aug-03-2021