How to solve the malfunctioning spraying equipment?

Fault 1: In the process of using the electrostatic spraying equipment, the powder is not applied every time it is started, and the powder is applied after half an hour of work. Reason: agglomerated powder accumulates in the spray gun. After absorbing moisture, the spray gun will leak electricity, so that the powder cannot be applied. After a long time of working and heating and dampening, the leakage phenomenon will be alleviated, so the spray gun is easier to powder.

  Recommendation: Regularly remove the powder accumulated in the spray gun, and it is best to clean up after each shutdown to avoid powder accumulation and agglomeration.

   Fault 2: During the use of electrostatic spraying equipment, the work indicator light is off.

   Reason: The cable socket of the spray gun is not good, and the stroke of the gun is too short to press the switch in the gun. The power socket is dead, the power cord is in poor contact with the socket, and the power fuse is blown (0.5A).

  Recommendation: Check the cable of the spray gun and adjust the top screw of the trigger. Check the power supply and replace the 0.5A power fuse.

  Fault 3: During the use of electrostatic spraying equipment, the powder will not be discharged or the powder will continue to be discharged as soon as the air is ventilated.

   Reason: There is water in the high-pressure air, and the temperature of the working environment is too low, which causes the solenoid valve spool to be frozen, mainly because the main engine work indicator flashes normally, but the solenoid valve has no action.

  Suggestion: Use a hair dryer to heat and melt the solenoid valve, and properly handle the moisture and temperature issues.

  Fault 4: During the use of electrostatic spraying equipment, too much powder is discharged.

   Reason: Because the air pressure of the powder injection is too high, and the fluidization air pressure is too low.

   Suggestion: Adjust the air pressure reasonably.

  Fault 5: In the process of using electrostatic spraying equipment, the powder is discharged frequently and sometimes less.

   Reason: Abnormal fluidization of powder occurs, usually because the fluidization pressure is too low, resulting in powder not fluidizing.

   Suggestion: Adjust the fluidization air pressure.

Post time: Jul-06-2021