Three ways of supplying paint in the spraying process of automatic spraying robot

The automatic spraying robot needs to supply paint during the spraying process. The paint supply methods are mainly divided into the following three types.
 1, suction type

  Apply a small aluminum paint tank installed under the spray gun of an automatic spraying robot. With the help of the air stream sprayed from the spray gun nozzle, a low pressure is generated at the nozzle position to attract paint. The supply of paint is greatly affected by the viscosity and density of the paint, and it is related to the size of the nozzle diameter. Usually the capacity of the paint tank is less than 1L. It is often used in mass production and spraying operations with a small amount of paint, as well as in the spraying operations of medium and low viscosity paints.

  2, pressure feed type

   Paint supply is the use of compressed air or a pressure pump to pressurize the paint solution and transfer it to the spraying tool. Pressure-feeding paint supply can provide high pressure and flow to the paint solution, and can also realize long-distance transportation of high-viscosity coatings and medium-to-large-scale centralized transportation. The most important paint supply system in the pressure-fed centralized air supply system of the circulating paint supply system.

  3, gravity type

   Use the paint cup installed on the spray gun of the automatic spraying robot, or install the paint container at a certain height, rely on the weight of the paint itself to supply paint to the spray gun, and adjust the amount of paint delivered by the hanging height of the paint container. In order to reduce the weight of the paint cup on the gravity spray gun, aluminum products are usually used, and the capacity is generally 0.15-0.5L. Gravity paint supply is often used for automatic spraying of low-viscosity paint. High-viscosity paint can also be sprayed in the paint cup on the upper part of the spray gun of the automatic spraying robot, pressurized by compressed air.

Post time: Aug-14-2021