What is the construction process of the spraying production line?

Painting refers to spraying protective and decorative layers on metal and non-metal surfaces. With the continuous development and progress of industrial technology, coating technology has developed from manual to industrial automation, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher, which promotes the application of coating production lines more and more widely. Its transportation part mostly uses stainless steel net chain transportation and coating equipment transportation net chain manufacturers. What I want to share with you is the construction process of the spraying production line.
  1. The purpose of building a spraying production line: to adopt coating construction to form a firm and continuous coating layer on the surface of the coated object, and then play the role of decoration, protection, and special functions.

  2. Equipment composition: pretreatment equipment, coating equipment, coating film drying and curing equipment, mechanical conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment, etc., and other supporting equipment.

  3. The pre-treatment equipment mainly includes tank body, tank liquid heating system, ventilation system, tank liquid stirring system, phosphating slag removal system, oil-water separation system, etc.

  4. Painting equipment: chamber body, paint mist filter device, water supply system, ventilation system, lighting system.

  5. Heating device: chamber body, heating system, air duct, air heating system, air heater, fan, air curtain system, temperature control system, etc.

  6. ​​Mechanized transportation equipment: play the role of organization and coordination in the entire coating production line, including air transportation and ground transportation, such as hanging transportation and accumulation transportation.

Post time: Jul-06-2021