Aluminum alloy wheel spraying production line process

Automobile wheels can be divided into steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels in terms of material. As people’s requirements for automobiles are getting higher and higher, as well as the market development trend, many cars currently generally use aluminum alloy wheels, because compared to steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels have Lighter weight, low inertial resistance, high manufacturing accuracy, small deformation during high-speed rotation, and low inertial resistance are beneficial to improve the straight-line driving performance of the car, reduce tire rolling resistance, and reduce fuel consumption. However, aluminum alloy wheels with better performance have higher requirements for spraying. Next, I will introduce the production line of automotive aluminum alloy wheels.
1. Pre-treatment process of automobile aluminum alloy wheel spraying production line
The pre-treatment process refers to the passivation film treatment of the aluminum alloy wheel hub that will be sprayed. By forming a passivation film, it can protect the wheel hub from soil, sewage, etc. during driving, so as to avoid corrosion caused by long-term contact with aluminum alloy wheels by ground stains during driving, and achieve the purpose of improving the life of automobile aluminum alloy wheels. In the pretreatment process of aluminum alloy wheels, spray-through equipment is usually selected. The author knows by looking through the past data and actual application that the pre-treatment of automobile aluminum wheels through spray-through equipment can ensure that the aluminum alloy wheels form a comprehensive passivation film, which can be more extensively performed than other pre-treatment equipment. Formation of passivation film.
2. Polishing process of automobile aluminum alloy wheel spraying production line

At this stage, commonly used automotive aluminum alloy wheels grinding equipment mainly include angle grinders, surface grinders and pneumatic grinding heads. When polishing the automobile wheel hub, it is necessary to select the appropriate polishing equipment for polishing according to the actual situation of the wheel hub. As the aluminum alloy wheel hub is a device with irregular shapes and grooves, when polishing its flat surface, you can choose a surface grinder for processing, and for locations with large grooves, you can choose angular grinding. The polishing machine is used for polishing, and when small grooves are processed, a pneumatic grinding head can be selected as the processing equipment. Since the waste generated during the grinding process is likely to cause injuries to the staff, at the same time, the scope of the grinding equipment is relatively large, so when performing the grinding process, first ensure that the operators wear the corresponding protective clothing. In addition, the company Also need to set up a special polishing platform. Before polishing, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the car wheel, determine the specific location of the polishing and the degree of polishing, and formulate a corresponding construction plan before the polishing can be carried out. After the polishing is completed, a second inspection and treatment of the automobile aluminum wheel is required to ensure that the quality of the polished equipment is qualified, the appearance is improved and there are no grooves and protrusions, and then spray paint.
3. Powder spraying process of automobile aluminum alloy wheel spraying production line

After finishing the pre-treatment and grinding treatment, the automobile wheels need to be sprayed with powder. During the powder spraying treatment, the first formal process of the aluminum alloy wheel spraying process, by spraying the aluminum alloy wheels of the automobile, it can be used for the grinding process. The automobile wheel hub is covered with spray material, and at the same time, the corrosion resistance of the automobile wheel hub is improved. At this stage, the thickness of the powder spraying is usually 100 microns when the powder is sprayed, which can effectively improve the appearance of the wheel and its resistance to stone and corrosion, so that the wheel can effectively meet the current requirements of automobile driving and improve the service life of the automobile wheel. And realize the basic guarantee for the life safety of the driver.

After the powder spraying operation on the aluminum alloy wheel hub, the powder spraying can cover the defects on the surface of the wheel hub, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent painting process. At this stage, auto parts manufacturers have realized the assembly line production of powder spraying technology. Specific production lines include thermal energy systems, curing furnaces, chain conveyors, production waste recycling equipment, powder spraying workshops, and powder spraying guns. Through the above automated powder spraying treatment, the human resource input during the powder spraying operation can be greatly reduced, and the safety of the powder spraying treatment can be improved. ,
4. Painting process of automobile aluminum alloy wheel hub spraying production line

The painting process is the last process of the automotive aluminum alloy wheel spraying production line. Spraying the automotive wheel can effectively improve the appearance of the car, and at the same time can further enhance the anti-corrosion ability and stone-strike ability of the automobile wheel. When spraying paint, the commonly used paint includes two types: color paint and varnish. Due to the harsh operating environment of aluminum alloy wheels, during the painting process, three spray booths are usually reserved on the wheel processing production line to ensure that the car wheels are fully painted.

At the same time, in order to improve the coating quality of automobile aluminum wheels after spray painting, acrylic baking paint is usually used to treat automobile wheels. Treatment of color paint and varnish with acrylic baking paint can effectively eliminate the color difference of the wheel spray paint. The painting process mainly includes two methods: manual painting and automatic painting. Manual paint spraying has higher requirements for operators. During the manual painting operation, the operator must have sufficient painting experience to ensure that the surface of the aluminum alloy wheel is evenly painted and the appearance is smooth after the painting treatment

Post time: Mar-06-2021