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Basic information editing
Mask machine, mask production machine, mask machines on the market are: HD-0301 plane mask machine, HD-0304 cup mask machine, duck mouth mask machine, folding mask machine, gauze mask machine and so on.
The plane mask machine series can be divided into the inner ear band mask machine, the outer ear band mask machine, and the strap mask machine according to the welding method and use method of the ear band. Forms an integral part of a flat mask.
Chinese name: Mask Machine
Pinyin: kou zhao ji
English name: face mask machine, mask machine, mask making machine
Product name: mask machine, cup mask machine, duckbill mask machine, mask machine, etc.

Purpose edit
Mass production of various types of masks. Such as: flat masks, cup-type masks, duck-mouth-type masks and so on.

Information editing of various mask machines
Parameters of automatic cup mask machine:
Automatic cup mask machine
Full-automatic cup mask machine (2 photos)
Power: 5Kw
Voltage: 220v
Weight: 500kg
Appearance size: 3500 x 1500 x 1800mm
Efficiency: 20-70 / pcs
Air pressure: 5kg / c㎡
Features of Automatic Cup Mask Machine:
1. The advanced servo and constant temperature control system adopted is controlled by PLC program to make the material from entering → forming → welding → punching in one time, and the entire production process is fully automated.
2. The equipment only needs to be equipped with a full-automatic cup-shaped mask, nose bridge, and ear-band welding machine, which can produce countless cup-shaped mask products that are on the market.
3. The products are exquisitely manufactured and the quality completely meets or exceeds domestic and foreign testing standards. At the same time, it saves more than 30% of the mask equipment in the market. So in the true sense, it reduces costs and improves efficiency.
All from n95 mask machine
Fully automatic production of mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip aluminum strip insertion / unwinding, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc. The entire process is automated and the output is extremely high. The main power is frequency-converted, which can be fast or slow. Different masks can be produced using different materials. The product has two layers and three layers. The product has stable quality, convenient operation, low noise and small footprint. Applicable materials: Non-woven spunbond filaments, 16-30 g / m 2 Suitable for processing disposable masks
n95 cup mask machine
Hot-press molding: The raw material of the mask (non-woven fabric) is formed in the same way as the hot-pressing (cup shape). 1. Includes automatic withdrawal and feeding rack; 2. Forms four masks at a time.
Slicing: used to make the outer layer (protective layer) of cup-shaped masks. Special alloy steel is used to make flower wheels. The knife edge is wear-resistant and has a long life. Wheel processing, does not hurt the edge of the cloth, no preheating is required during the manufacture of burrs, and can be continuously operated
Blanking: Laminating the inside and outside of the mask
Trimming: Use pneumatic punching to remove excess edges of the mask.
Breathing valve welding: welding mask breathing valve
Welding area: 130mm
Speed: 20-30 pcs / min
The integrated structure of the fuselage adopts the safety adjustment scale control; the intelligent control of the computer can achieve a precision of one thousandth of a second; the mold level adjustment of the fuselage motor automatically rises and falls, and the base level is adjusted.
Ear band spot welder: Speed: 8-12 pieces / min Can be used for welding flat, inner ear / outer ear bands, standard masks, duckbill type and other special-shaped masks. After making the mask body, weld the earband manually
Plane mask machine
The ultrasonic inner ear band mask machine uses ultrasonic welding. When the mask is moved to the processing position, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming a micro-amplitude high-frequency vibration on the ear band, which is instantly converted into heat, melting the material to be processed, and finally making the ear With permanent sticking or implantation inside the mask body, it is the last processing step of the production of inner ear masks. Only one operator needs to place the mask body piece by piece in the mask plate. The subsequent actions are completed automatically by the equipment after the finished product is completed. .

Work flow: (mask body) manual feeding → automatic feeding of earbands → ultrasonic earband welding → non-woven sideband feeding and wrapping → ultrasonic sideband welding → sideband cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveying Send out with device
Folding mask machine
Folding mask machine, also known as C-type mask machine, is a fully automatic machine for the production of folding mask bodies. It uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3 to 5 layers of PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material, and cuts out the folding mask. Body, can process 3M 9001, 9002 mask body. Depending on the raw materials used, the produced masks can reach different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95, etc. The earband is made of elastic non-woven fabric, making the wearer’s ears comfortable and pressure-free. It fits the face of Asian people and can be applied to high pollution industries such as construction and mining.
Functions and features:
1. It can process 3M 9001, 9002 and other folding mask bodies.
2, PLC automatic control, automatic counting.
3. Simple adjustment device, easy to change materials.
4. The mold adopts the extraction and replacement method, which can quickly change the mold and produce different types of masks.
Duckbill mask machine
Full automatic ultrasonic duckbill mask making machine (duckbill mask making machine) is a machine that uses the principle of ultrasonic seamless welding to produce duckbill masks suitable for high pollution industries. This machine’s mask body can use 4 to 10 layers of PP non-woven fabric and filter materials (such as meltblown cloth, activated carbon materials, etc.), so that it can produce masks with various filtration levels such as N95, FFP2. And this machine has a very high degree of automation. It is a one-line automated operation from feeding to finished products: automatic feeding of raw materials, independent nasal line conveying system, and the nasal line can be automatically wrapped in non-woven fabrics, and automatically hemmed. And the finished product is cut, and the breathing valve hole can be automatically added. The finished product produced by this duckbill mask machine has a beautiful appearance; the machine has stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation.
Duckbill mask machine features:
1. Fully automatic feeding system
Folding forming system
Third, the ultrasonic heat sealing system
Fourth, the overall performance is stable, the production speed is continuously adjustable, the production efficiency is high, up to 60 tablets per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high raw material utilization, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, and effectively reduce labor costs.
Band mask machine
The ultrasonic mask banding machine uses ultrasonic welding. A conveying device is set on the machine. The semi-finished product of the mask is input to the conveying device. After being drawn by a cylinder, and then pressed by an ultrasonic flower wheel, the band is cut to output the finished product. One person needs to put the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, and the rest of the subsequent work is fully automatic.
Ultrasonic mask banding machine features:
1. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which is light and beautiful and does not rust.
2. Automatic counting can effectively control production efficiency and production progress.
3. Variable frequency control, which can adjust the equipment operating speed according to actual needs.
4. Pull the barrel to feed, more accurate positioning, which can minimize the width of raw materials and save costs.
5. Uniform length and size control of the finished product, with a deviation of ± 1mm, can effectively control the length of the finished product.
6. The equipment has a high degree of automation and low requirements for operating staff, and only needs to discharge and arrange the finished product.
7. This machine adopts ultrasonic Taiwan system, Japanese transducer, stable performance and easy operation.
8. The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53, which can prolong the life of the mold and be durable.
External ear mask machine
The outer ear mask machine fuses the elastic bands on both sides of the mask body in an ultrasonic manner to complete the finished ear band mask. Only one operator needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt fixture, and the rest of the subsequent actions are completed to the finished product All are automatically operated by the machine, the output of this machine is higher than that of ordinary earband machines.
Ultrasonic external ear mask machine parameters:
Machine size: 2646 (L) * 620 (W) * 1750 (H) m / m
Voltage: single phase 220V
Output: 45-55pcs / min
Air pressure: 6kg / cm2
Power consumption: 3KW
Mask body size must be fixed
Features of ultrasonic external ear mask machine:
1. The machine is dense, small in size and does not take up space;
2.PLC program control, high stability and low failure rate;
3. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and solid without rusting;
4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.
5. The welding strength of the ear band is adjustable.

How to buy a mask machine
In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and the strengthening of people’s awareness of protection, the market demand for disposable medical masks and protective masks is constantly expanding. Many customers are keenly aware of this business opportunity and want to get involved in the mask production industry. However, in view of the unfamiliarity with the mask production process, the purchase of mask raw materials, the selection of mask machine manufacturers, the planning of mask production workshops, the industry standards for mask production, etc., when inquiring and consulting related information and making related budgets, Looks blind and confused. Here are some common sense introductions to the ultrasonic mask machine to help customers who are preparing to show their talents in the mask production industry to illuminate a little twilight in the fog and know the direction:
First of all: masks are simply divided into planar masks and three-dimensional masks from the appearance. Plane masks are mostly used in the medical industry, and three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection. This article is mainly for the purchase of ultrasonic face mask machine (ultrasonic medical mask machine).
Second: The plane mask machine series can be divided into: inner ear mask machine production line, outer ear mask machine production line, and band mask machine production line.

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