Powder coating plant should meet 5 conditions

1, paint performance should be fully utilized

Different waterproof coatings have their own strengths and weaknesses, use them for a long time, avoiding them short. Such as high-density polyethylene geomembrane, poor flexibility, it is difficult to use waterproof on the roof. However, it has strong strength, strong root puncture resistance, a width of up to 7m, and welding seams. These strengths are just suitable for waterproofing in vast landfills and canals and ponds, which are irreplaceable by other materials.

Cement-based propionic acid waterproof coatings are not as good as polyurethane coatings, but acrylic ester coatings can be applied on wet substrates, whereas polyurethane coatings cannot.


2, waterproof coating physical properties are better

Physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, impermeability to water, resistance to high temperature flexibility, and resistance to natural aging can all meet national specifications. In addition, there is also construction operability, which is to say, it is simple and convenient, does not produce gas that can harm the construction, and has many advantages and disadvantages compared with other waterproof materials. Such materials are good materials.


3. Match the importance of the building

High-quality, high-priced SBS modified bituminous membranes and EPDM membranes are good materials in the first- and second-tier buildings, and “material” in the low-end buildings. Such as construction sheds, short-term warehouses, disaster shelters, etc., removed after one or two years, the use of high-quality paint is a waste.


4, good adaptability to the construction site

The type of waterproof coating is different, and the adaptability to different building parts is also weak. The coils are used to spread a large area of ​​waterproof parts. The construction is quick and easy to ensure quality. However, waterproofing in toilets and toilets is lost, and waterproof paint is a handy material. Rigid waterproof materials are used in structurally stable, non-vibrating areas, such as basement walls and floor waterproofing as a waterproof, but if used for bridges and large span roofs, the effect is poor, bulky, and waste of material.


5, pay attention to construction operability

Some waterproof materials have good physical properties, but they are difficult to construct. Such as anti-adhesive membrane, it is difficult to seal joints, powdered material is difficult to spread evenly, exposed, broadcast more difficult to become closed.

Post time: May-29-2018

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