Why is the automatic paint sprayer highly recommended?

1. What are the advantages of automatic paint spraying machine

1. The advantages of automatic paint spraying machine: Foudi automatic paint spraying machine is driven by a motor when painting, and the speed is not uniform (otherwise the machine will be damaged). Even in bumpy places, cross spray can spray the gun from a certain angle to a certain angle when the paint is stable, so it needs to be more uniform than manual spraying.
2. The advantage of automatic paint spraying machine is to reduce the harm to workers. When spraying an automatic paint sprayer, you do not need to be near the equipment, just take out the product and spray.
3. High efficiency and high output. The automatic sprayer is driven by an automatic machine, so that you can spray the same product at a time without making any changes, thereby eliminating artificial instability. Spraying 24 hours a day to improve spraying efficiency.
4. Low maintenance cost, most of the domestic automatic painting machines use power as high as 4-5kw, but not all motors consume a lot of power when painting, only the working motor consumes a lot of power. Therefore, the actual work usually does not exceed 2 kilowatts. If it doesn’t work, you can use a little oil to deal with it.
5. Automatic paint spraying machine is not only suitable for large factories, but also for small factories. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are using automatic paint spraying machines to replace manual spraying mechanical equipment. In most cases, they can focus on production for 1-2 weeks, producing the same quality as big brands.
two. What is the working principle of automatic painting machine
1. Comparison of painting methods, manual molding, painting and cleaning of molds are all done manually, and cannot be done at the same time. The machine completes automatically. At the same time, the production efficiency is: manual single-piece spraying, low spraying efficiency, automatic spraying machine multi-piece spraying, high spraying efficiency, which is several times that of traditional manual spraying.
2. Product quality, manual direct contact with the workpiece, high probability of oil pollution, poor quality stability, low quality pass rate. The automatic operation of the machine reduces the contact of human hands, cleans the surface of the workpiece, reduces the possibility of oil contamination, and the stable machine guarantees the consistency of quality.
Automatic painting
3. The oil amount of a single piece of paint is not easy to adjust, the spraying effect is uneven, and the oil consumption is high. Multiple pieces can be sprayed at a time, and the shape and quantity of oil can be uniformly controlled.
4. Working environment, people-intensive work, traditional painting system, the working environment can not be improved immediately: multiple automatic pneumatic painting machine air purification system, create a good working environment
5. Danger, paint dust suspended in the air, can not be dealt with in time, seriously endanger the health of workers, and extremely prone to occupational diseases. The automatic spraying machine has a safety door, a dust cover and a protective window to protect the paint from dust. The separation between paints avoids the adverse effects of paint dust on workers. Bacterial dust infection: Many people are more likely to be infected with bacterial dust by directly touching the workpiece. The automatic spraying machine can work automatically to reduce hand contact, cleaning and bacterial infection on the workpiece surface.

Post time: Jun-06-2020

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