Introduction of automatic paint spraying machine

Fully active paint sprayer work: active or manual dust removal – active or manual loading – active forming – active painting – active release – dust drying – active or manual feeding – active or manual cleaning

Comparison of coating methods: manual nesting, coating and cleaning are all carried out manually and cannot be carried out at the same time, and the machine actively realizes them at the same time

Production efficiency: Manual overall spraying, low spraying efficiency, active spraying machine spraying multiple pieces at one time, high spraying efficiency, several times more than traditional manual spraying

Paint utilization: One-piece spraying, the oil amount is not easy to control. The spraying results are uneven and the fuel consumption is high. The machine sprays multiple pieces at a time and can control the shape, oil quantity and uniformity

Product quality: the human hand can directly touch the workpiece, the oil pollution rate is high, the quality firmness is poor, and the pass rate is low. Machinery enterprises take the initiative to learn and operate, reduce the number of students’ hands, so that the workpiece surface is clean, the oil pollution rate is low, and the solid mechanical design ensures the consistency of ideology and morality

Persecution: The paint dust suspended in the air cannot be handled in time, which seriously endangers the operator’s health and makes the operator extremely susceptible to occupational diseases. Active paint machines have safety doors, dust covers and protective windows to isolate paint dust in the paint room. Avoid adverse effects of paint dust on operators

Working environment: personnel-intensive operation, traditional paint tank pumping system, the working environment can not be broken and needs to be improved, active paint machine multi-air pollution system, create a good working environment

Bacterial dust contamination: The workpiece is directly contacted by many people, and the rate of bacterial dust contamination is high; the active paint sprayer operates actively to reduce human contact, so that the workpiece is nominally clean and the bacterial contamination rate is low

Environmental pollution: Harmful gases such as paint are discharged to the outside world, causing major environmental pollution, and harmful substances such as active paint sprayer dust are treated without environmental pollution


1. Before use, check whether the oil pipe leaks oil and whether the air pipe leaks. Before starting the machine, deal with the bad site in time, and check whether the hose and its connecting parts leak on schedule or frequently.

2. Before using the paint spraying machine, you should pay attention to check whether the working grounding system is in good condition. The grounding wire plays a very important social maintenance role for the safety development of equipment and personnel, and it is not allowed to appear abnormal grounding.

3. After stopping each shift, scrub the paint stains attached to the inner cavity wall of the painting space of the paint sprayer and the paint stains attached to the cylinder and hose to avoid hardening of the hose, and clean up all parts of the machine and the surrounding working environment .

Figure 4. Check whether the sprocket and chain of the paint sprayer are lubricated and whether the chain is tensioned once a week. If there is slack, adjust the tensioning pulley to tension the chain.

5. Check the work once a week to check the oil contamination and oil quantity in the motor and worm gear box. If necessary, the oil can be increased or replaced (the abnormal development needs to be replaced once every six months).

6. Regularly or regularly remove the paint stains remaining on the conveyor belt of the line paint sprayer.

Post time: Jun-17-2022